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Voyage: A Novel of 1896

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A magnificent epic of the sea and a dynamic portrait of turn-of-the-century America.”Publishers Weekly From Library Journal. Hayden's wonderful 1976 novel is a historical page-turner with a social conscience. The book compares the treatment of the rich and poor as it juxtaposes the journeys of the pampered daughter of a shipping titan and the crew aboard one of her father's hellish barks. (Classic Returns, LJ 11/15/99) Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc. From the Back Cover. "Violent, colorful... you keep turning the pages to find out just what in the name of God is going to happen next." --Boston Globe "A book of savage beauty." --Boston Herald American "A rousing epic... Big, muscular, profane, cynical, romantic." --Chicago Daily News "Scuds through the emotions like a windjammer before a full gale." --Chicago Tribune "Solid, masterful writing that ranks the author with some of the giants of literature." --Houston Post "Great storytelling... a sensational achievement in the genre of adventure stories." --Kansas City Star "An elemental smash hit." --Kirkus Reviews "A well-crafted yarn, a narrative of energy and excitement... Hayden knows how to tell a story." --Los Angeles Times Book Review "A spellbinder." --New York Daily News "A rare sort of sheer drive and vitality carries this novel... a raw fury about class distinctions and privileges... strangely refreshing in our blase age." --New York Times Book Review "A story of extraordinary richness and power... Sterling Hayden here proves himself a master novelist. His prose is vivid and brawny, his characters come to individual life... At once a magnificent epic of the sea and a dynamic portrait of turn-of-the-century America." --Publishers Weekly "A fast-moving, heart-pounding saga... pure pleasure to read." --San Francisco Examiner "Hayden has created many strong characterizations in his story and has woven in major events and movements of the period... Voyage is basically a sea story, but its significance is much broader." --Seattle Times