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The Warriors Honour: Ethnic War And The Modern Conscience

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The Warrior's Honour is a profound and searching exploration of the troubled connection between the zones of safety and the zones of danger that configure the modern world. Reporting from places where ethnic conflict has become a way of life”from the West Bank to Bosnia, from Afghanistan to central Africa”Ignatieff brings astute analysis and insight to the complexity of the modern world. "Few have probed ethnic conflict more deeply than Michael Ignatieff ... The Warrior's Honour combines superior reporting with provocative and troubling insights."” The New York Review of Books "Ignatieff is a public intellectual at his journalistic best here, dedicating his academically trained mind to marshalling the facts, interpreting the world, and forcing us to care about horrors we might otherwise not see ¦ The Warrior's Honour enlarges our understanding of the moral dilemmas of global society."” The Financial Post "Ignatieff grounds his painful insights and liberal analysis in a penetrating assemblage of facts, voices, and pathos that is worthy of comparison with the literary reportage of Rebecca West, Edmund Wilson, and Janet Flanner."” The Boston Globe