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The Tao of Music: Sound Psychology - Using Music to Change Your Life

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Just about everyone likes to listen to music to put them "in the mood," and these techniques get you "out" of a mood! The "Tao" part is about accepting what you're feeling, and dealing with it, by using Dr. Ortiz's methods. Includes musical menus that you can use to create your own program for dealing with issues, koans for meditation, and various other fun exercises to make music a part of your holistic health program. Appendix, bibliography, index. Review. It is often said that music soothes the savage beast, but did you ever think that it could help with time management? What about improving communication? Although he makes no claims that The Tao of Music is a cure-all, John Oritz has tapped the power of music by combining it with established psychological techniques and Taoist ideas to create an innovative concept: your music collection can help you overcome the obstacles of everyday life, from pain to procrastination, relaxation to romance. The Tao of Music isn't just a catalog of New Age hits; Oritz knows his music and draws on genres as diverse as classical and country, giving you the latitude to design your own music therapy.