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The Soy Zone

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Enter The Soy Zone...the healthiest diet in the world. Soy is the fastest-growing food product in America today, and for good reason. A nutritional superstar, it has no cholesterol or saturated fat but plenty of protein, vitamins, and fiber and offers an amazing rainbow of health benefits for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.In this groundbreaking new book, Dr. Barry Sears reveals his healthiest Zone diet yet and along the way provides stunning new scientific findings on the disease-fighting and anti-aging benefits of soy. Based on the simple idea that food is your best medicine, The Soy Zone shows you how to maintain peak mental alertness, increase your energy, and reduce the likelihood of chronic disease -- all while losing excess body fat -- by eating delicious soy-based Zone meals.In this eye-opening new book, Dr. Sears drops bombshell after bombshell, including:. Why soy is a wonder food. Why the right soy-based diet can prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, osteoporosis, and chronic fatigue. The serious problems with the traditional grain-based vegetarian diet. The soy diet secrets of Okinawans, the longest-lived people in the world. Why a pasta/bread/rice-based diet makes you fat. Why high-protein fad diets will wreck your metabolism and cause weight gain. Why the USDA food pyramid is unhealthy. Why Omega-3 fatty acids must be essential supplements to your diet. As America is finding out, soy is the most complete and versatile protein source in existence. Now Dr. Sears brings the life-enhancing benefits of the Zone to a mouthwatering collection of delicious soy-based Zone meals, featuring:. Appetizing new recipes from top chefs, such as Baked Golden Tofu Dumplings, Red Bean Chili, Tempeh Paprikas, Tofu-Eggplant Gumbo, Hong Kong Burger, and Soy Zone-Friendly Vegetarian Pad Thai. Soy Zone-perfect breakfasts, lunches, appetizers, dinners, and snacks. The ultimate healthful food plan, with quick and easy fat-burning alternatives to dangerous highcarb diets. An exercise and longevity plan for men and women. Helpful recommendations for Soy Zoning your kitchen. A scientifically proven plan for achieving perfect hormonal balance while losing weightSo Enter The Soy Zone Today -- it may be your greatest investment for a healthy future. Review. The world has grown increasingly curious about the benefits of soy in recent years. Not only is it a dietary staple of the people of Okinawa, who live longer than anyone else, it also seems to help prevent heart disease and breast and prostate cancer. So author Barry Sears has now modified his popular Zone diet to include soy and made the whole thing just as easy to follow as before. Fill a third of your dinner plate with a dish high in soy protein and the other two-thirds with fruits and vegetables, and you've got the Zone dialed in. Not surprisingly, Sears is just as down on starchy foods--potatoes, pasta, rice, breads, and cereals--in The Soy Zone as he has been in his past books. He says they trigger too large an insulin surge, which leaves people feeling sluggish a couple of hours after the meal, and sends them chasing after another burst of quick energy in the form of other insulin-generating carbohydrates. That, he says, makes people fat. He also comes down on traditional vegetarian diets for that same reason: "The insidious long-term consequence of a grain-based vegetarian diet is the constant elevation of insulin levels," he writes. The payoffs of taking this detour into the soy zone are immediate, Sears notes. He promises that people following his diet will think better, feel more energized, look better (he predicts a five-pound weight loss after two weeks on the Zone diet, including about two to three pounds of retained water), and experience fewer sugar cravings. Even better, the addition of 50 daily grams of soy to the diet should reduce total cholesterol levels by about 9 percent, shrinking the risk of heart disease by 20 percent. Add it all up and you get a longer life at a lighter weight--a heck of a promise, but one Sears, as always, is confident the Zone can deliver. --Lou Schuler