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The Skeptical Investor: How To Grow And Protect Your Retirement Savings

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Building a decent retirement nest-egg is hard work.¦ Ensuring it's there when you need it can be just as challenging. Every RRSP owner watched in horror as the stock market fell steeply during 2008. With company pension plans tapped out and employers filing for bankruptcy, the security of an adequate and guaranteed pension has become a thing of the past for most Canadians. It is not enough to build retirement savings during your working years”it has become just as important to guard them from economic turnarounds, expensive investments, and greedy advisers. In The Skeptical Investor, John Lawrence Reynolds, author of the bestselling The Naked Investor, uses real-life examples and his characteristic wry humour to lift the curtain concealing questionable investment industry policies and how to avoid the potholes on the road to retirement.