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The Scented Room

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Dozens of inspired ideas for using dried flowers and herbs in the home for fragrance and visual beauty, as well as how to shop for, grow, dry, and store them; by the owner of Cherchez, the elegant New York store. More than 110 full-color photographs. . . Review. . Although published over a decade ago, The Scented Room remains a classic guide on potpourri, sachets, pomanders, flower arrangements, and floral room decor. Accompanied by stunning color photos, the thorough instructions provide numerous recipes for potpourri and floral/herbal waters; suggestions for alternative scent sources, including candles, pine cones, and essential oils; ideas for home decor items such as wreaths and flower arrangements; and extensive directions for creating a working garden and drying and storing florals. The lengthy source guide lists other useful books, gardens worth visiting, and shops and mail-order sources.