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The Night They Stole the Stanley Cup (Screech Owls, Book 2)

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Someone is out to steal the Stanley Cup “ and only the Screech Owls stand between the thieves and their prize!. Travis, Nish, and the rest of the Screech Owls have come to Toronto for the biggest hockey tournament of their lives “ only to find themselves in the biggest mess of their lives. First Nish sprains his ankle falling down the stairs at the CN Tower. Later, key members of the team get caught shoplifting. And during a tour of the Hockey Hall of Fame, Travis overhears two men plotting to swipe the priceless Stanley Cup and hold it for ransom! Can the Screech Owls do anything to save the most revered trophy in the land? And can the team also rise to the challenge on the ice and play their best hockey ever?. The Night They Stole the Stanley Cup is the second book in the Screech Owls Series. Check out the Screech Owls' website at