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The Mysterious, Magical Cat

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Few species of animals have evoked such a variety of feelings as the cat. These mysterious, mystical creatures are credited with everything  from predicting earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to gaining the power of speech at a certain advanced age!. The Mysterious, Magical Cat offers a comprehensive and heartwarming look at the amazing feline that has been worshiped, adored, feared, and admired for more than 18,000 years.          ¸  The Cat in Ancient History and       Superstition      ¸  Feline Deities      ¸  Felines in Folklore, Literature, and Art      ¸  Cat-Vampires and Demon Cats      ¸  The Uncommon Common Cat      ¸  Cat Body Language. The Mysterious, Magical Cat includes everything you want to know about the special qualities of cats, complete with fascinating illustrations and an extensive appendix of cat breeds explaining the special characteristics of each. This charming book explores the history of the world's most popular animal. A special book for cat lovers everywhere.