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The Intimate Couple: Reaching New Levels of Sexual Excitement Through Body Awakening and Relationship Renewal

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A perceptive, practical, intimate guide to the psychological and physical techniques that will put the fire back into any relationship, by two of America's leading experts on sexuality. Lavishly illustrated with tasteful photographs, filled with body-enlivening exercises, specific techniques for heightening sexual pleasure, and a thorough exploration of the psychological barriers to physical and spiritual intimacy. The Intimate Couple offers a complete and effective program for achieving not only erotic renewal but an entirely new level of arousal, excitement, and sexual vitality in committed relationships. Doctors Jack Rosenberg and Beverly Kitaen-Morse are internationally known as pioneers in their approach to sexuality, and through their work have helped countless people put the magic back into their lovemaking. This handsome guide is loaded with photographs, questionnaires, exercises, and informative sidebars. The doctors share their spirit of adventure and discovery, their abounding hope for committed monogamous sexuality, and their practical advice. Whether you're seeking to stoke the sexual fire of an enduring passion or rekindle the lost spark of ecstasy in a faltering relationship, The Intimate Couple can make it happen.