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The Everything Homebuilding Book: Build Your Dream Home (Everything: Sports and Hobbies)

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Approximately 1.6 million new homes are built each year, as more people move from their old houses and apartments in search of more personalized living spaces. Building a new house from scratch allows families to customize their homes to fit their particular needs and lifestyles. Unfortunately, high labor and material costs make homebuilding a risky venture for those not familiar with the process. The Everything® Homebuilding Book walks readers through the ins and outs of new home construction to help them save money, avoid delays, and create the house that is just right for them. From financing and design to choosing the right contractor and getting permits, this do-it-yourself guide allows readers to take an active role and avoid the many pitfalls of building the perfect home. This beginner's guide shows prospective homeowners how to: ·Estimate costs, manage home loans, and secure insurance ·Hire a contractor or act as their own foreman ·Select the perfect location and evaluate lots ·Manage subcontractors and supervise construction ·Avoid cost overruns by tackling projects on their own Nonintimidating, friendly, and accessible, The Everything® Homebuilding Book is the ultimate resource for realizing the American Dream.