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The Donnellys Must Die

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From the annals of Canadian true crime, the story of The Black Donnellys massacre Ancient feuds, bloody conspiracy, gruesome murder, and bitter controversy--all shrouded in a seemingly impenetrable cloak of mystery. This is the tale of "The Black Donnellys"--a notorious family of Irish settlers who were viciously attacked while they slept in their Lucan, Ontario farmhouse on February 4, 1880. Here, in this definitive account of this sordid episode in Canadian history, first published in 1962 and continuously in print since then, author Orlo Miller sets out to separate fact from fiction, and legend from reality, to bring us the truth behind the Donnelly murders. Combining exhaustive research based on contemporary newspaper accounts, court records and personal diaries, with personal insights and dramatic re-creations, Miller's chilling revelations shed new light on this infamous case in the annals of Canadian crime. You will be taken on a journey of terrible bloodlust, unbending loyalties, and fatal revenge in the re-telling of an event whose infamy still lives in popular culture today. About the Author. Orlo Miller was born in London, Ontario, and during his lifetime he was considered to be one of the foremost experts on the Donnellys. He was an ordained Anglican minister, and aside from devotionals he devoted his time to writing for newspapers, magazines, the stage, radio and film. In addition to this book, he wrote a fictionalized account of the Donnellys called Death to the Donnellys. He died in 1993.