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The Courage to Come Back: Triumph Over TBI - A Story of Hope

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I wrote The Courage to Come Back book to offer some hope and inspiration to other brain injury survivors and also to their family members and to also let the general public know about the benefits of hyperbaric chambers. I also hope that by sharing my story with others, it will give them the fire within to keeping fighting for every inch and every step in their journey of rehab and recovery. I hope that my story inspires people to be the best that they can be to other individuals and that they appreciate fully what others have done. As a result of my injury, I am in a very good position to share my experience with others, as many doors have closed behind me and now I must open up new ones, create new friendships, and other contacts. I have created The Michael Coss Brain Injury Foundation to assist children undergo HBOT therapy as I was given a second chance at life and now it is my turn to give back to others. As a result of my injury, I feel that I am a better person, stronger, and better equipped to deal with life's curve balls and my experience with a TBI, I see as nothing but a speed bump along the road. My book was written to pass along key learning's as to what it is like to have sustained a brain injury to other brain injury affected individuals and their families. It will also give hope and inspiration as the road back is a long, frustrating journey, with many speed bumps along the long winded road. And lastly, it is to educate the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy to the general public and to spread the word on The Michael Coss Brain Injury Foundation. The journey back is a long frustrating journey for TBI affected individuals and their loved ones. If I can simply take their mind off their current situation for a short brief moment and interject a little distraction, maybe even perhaps a little bit of humor then I will be content giving back to society with my key learning's and story. Unfortunately, there is no magic solution or a pill that one can swallow to ease the pain and discomfort caused by brain injuries. Affected individuals must surround themselves with a positive loving atmosphere that will allow affected individuals to continue to grow, be independent as best they can, and will return to a more normal way of life. I am very fortunate that my parents decided to relocate to Vancouver from Quebec City, leaving family members, and friends behind as they felt that I would need all the support that parents and loved ones could offer me. Thank you Mom and Dad for re-locating to Vancouver to offer my family and I, the very best of support, both physically and emotionally, I am forever grateful and indebted to the both of you for offering me a second chance at life. Your son, Michael