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The Complete Superfoods Cookbook: Dishes and Drinks for Energy, Detoxing and Healing

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Be kind to your body. Treat it to superfoods. Healthy eating is key to living well. The Complete Superfoods Cookbook provides more than 200 recipes for eating one's way to better health.Michael van Straten reveals that life can be enhanced and extended with such sumptuous dishes as pancetta, onion and green lentil soup; or with a blueberry and raspberry smoothie that protects the body from free radicals that trigger heart disease, joint problems and cancer. Some examples of supernutritious superfoods are apples, avocados, bananas, cabbage, carrots, garlic, oats, oily fish, onions and potatoes.Separate chapters focus on energy; immunity and protection; cleansing; circulation; mood; healing; sleep; supplements; and detox diets. Van Straten provides healing charts, and each recipe has detailed information on nutrient content, ensuring their health-giving qualities.Among the healthful and easy recipes: * Welsh minestrone with rice and leeks * Complete Eastern risotto * Curried parsnip and vegetable soup * Broad bean, tomato and sage salad * Chicken and mango tango.Loaded with great taste and variety, The Complete Superfoods Cookbook provides more than great nutrition.