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Swing Like a Pro: The Breakthrough Scientific Method of Perfecting Your Golf Swing

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A Composite of Over 100 of the World's Top Golfers. In a labor of love, novice golfers and professionals alike take to the practice tee to pursue the most coveted element of the game: the perfect swing. But even with a wealth of pros to model your swing after, the secret of the swing remains elusive. Should you grasp the club with a neutral grip like Jack Nicklaus, or use a traditional Vardon grip like Nick Faldo? If only someone would compile the best elements of the pros' swings to show you how to master the techniques for yourself. Dr. Ralph Mann and Fred Griffin did, and now they're sharing the secrets in this groundbreaking book. Joined by premier golf instructor Fred Griffin, Dr. Ralph Mann captures the essence of the skills of golf's greatest champions in Swing Like a Pro. For seventeen years, CompuSport International's biomechanics expert Dr. Ralph Mann devoted himself to studying the swings of more than 100 PGA and LPGA Tour players to uncover the keys to a better game and a lower handicap. The results: a breakthrough learning tool, the computer-generated composite Pro. Drawing on CompuSport's extensive research, the Pro embodies the mechanical elements of the holy grail of the golf swing--efficient, effective, and now achievable. Illustrated with 175 animated 3-D stills of the Pro that pinpoint the exact motions of a body executing the perfect swing, Swing Like a Pro provides accurate, consistent information about how to play the game properly. Dr. Ralph Mann and Fred Griffin break down the exact steps you can take to develop and refine your skills at performing every aspect of the shot. They examine and explain the setup, how to grip the club properly, the seven characteristics of a great backswing, how to impart energy to the club via a powerful transition move, and achieving distance and accuracy through a perfect downswing and timing following the Pro's example. With its unique cutting-edge, scientific approach and the expertise of its authors, Swing Like a Pro promises to be the best golf Pro you ever consulted to help you improve your swing and shave strokes off your handicap. Swing Like a Pro ushers in a new era of sports instruction that combines the traits of every golfer's unique, individual swing with the subtle, techniques all great golfers have in common. Featuring CompuSport's computer-generated "Pro," who shoots a 50 every time, Swing Like a Pro embodies the best tactics known to golfers today. Readers match the Pro's scientifically proven tips with their own movements to create a swing mirroring golf's most talented players. Topics include:The Pro Setup, with the secrets of body balance and club alignmentThe backswing's seven essential elements, with drills for improvementThe downswing for distance and accuracy, and how you can have bothTiming and tempo, when the Pro puts it all togetherSwing Like a Pro's dynamic 3-D images far surpass traditional sports photography, making this an unrivaled approach to golf instruction and proving there is such a thing as a perfect swing. -->. Review. Golfers, as a breed, are willing to pry their unwilling bodies into any ungodly position if they think it will help their game, even more so if that position mirrors the languid power of, say, Sam Snead's, Fred Couples's, Payne Stewart's, or Tiger Woods's. Swing like a Pro tees up a new model, a computer-generated composite of more than 100 swings of the world's best golfers. The theory behind it is to isolate and emphasize those parts of the swings that all good swings have in common--the parts that every golfer, regardless of the entirety of motion, can adapt to his or her own. While the theory may be sound, the presentation is technically complex, as dry as a pot bunker on an August afternoon. If you already play the game, this may help shave a few strokes. If you're just starting out, head back to the range for a lesson. --Jeff Silverman