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Super Science Concoctions: 50 Mysterious Mixtures for Fabulous Fun (A Kids Can!)

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Fizz, gurgle, bubble, and brew! Hours of outrageous science fun await kids with Jill Hauser's incredible science concoctions. Kids explore a world of amazing science--from capillary action to liquid density to emulsions to plastics--all while making magical mixtures they concoct themselves! * Over 50 safe inexpensive science mixtures, using household ingredients, encourage kids to discover and think creatively. *Explore density with hovering veggies, explode colors in milk to learn about molecular movement, and cross-link polymers to make plastic blobber. *Concoct sticky water, gooblek, jigglin' gelatin worms, lava, liquid lasagna, and creepy water ghosts. Simple experiments with spectacular results make the wonder of science accessible to every child.