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Sounds of the Wild: Mythical Creatures (Pledger Sounds)

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Far up in the sky, a whinny can be heard ” could it be Pegasus gliding high above the clouds? Beneath the lonely moon, there's a distressing howl ” surely it's not a werewolf? And what is this screeching coming from a fire ” is it a phoenix? Welcome to the extraordinary world of myths and legends where you'll meet glorious griffins, dangerous dragons, and scaly sea serpents! Enchanting and imaginative, Sounds of the Wild: Mythical Creatures is Maurice Pledger at his very best. Each colorful spread is filled with stunning, realistic illustrations and engaging text, while remarkable pop-up panoramas are paired with exciting layered sounds to bring the most fantastic beasts to life. In the air, on the land and in the sea, a mythical world of wonder awaits!