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Smart Crockery Cooking: Over 100 Delicious Recipes

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For healthy meals that virtually cook themselves, get out your slow cooker. Chop up some fresh ingredients, simmer them for 3-8 hours while their flavors blend and intensify, and voila, dinner's ready, and you didn't even need to be there while it cooked! Start with the basic "rules" of crockery cooking--general tips on how to prepare meats and poultry, vegetables, pasta and rice, dried beans, cheese, and fish. Then take your time with 101 delicious and health-conscious, mouth-watering recipes that fit perfectly into today's busy schedules and desire for low-fat, low-cholesterol meals. Every one contains helpful nutritional information including calorie, fat, cholesterol, sodium, and dietary fiber content. 144 pages, 6 x 9.