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Shadows on the Sun (Star Trek)

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Since the first Pocket Books Star Trek hardcover, Spock's World, became an eight-week national bestseller, each Star Trek hardcover has been a huge bestseller as well. Now, the publishing phenomenon continues with a new novel by Michael Jan Friedman - the author of the first Star Trek: The Next Generation hardcover, Reunion. Pocket Books is proud to present Shadows on the Sun, a piece of Star Trek history that takes Dr. Leonard McCoy from his first days as a junior Starfleet medical officer to his position as Chief Medical Officer of the Federation's flagship, the U.S.S. Enterprise. As a young doctor with a beautiful family and a promising medical career, Dr. McCoy thought he had it all. But when the woman he loved betrayed him, McCoy fled to Starfleet hoping to lose his pain in the depths of space. Now, more than forty years later, the U.S.S. Enterprise and her crew are ordered to transport a group of mediators to the planet Ssan, a world where assassination is a long, time-honored tradition. Dr. McCoy is surprised to learn that his ex-wife, now remarried, is one of the mediators. But before McCoy can begin to face his feelings for his former love, she and Captain Kirk are trapped by a band of deadly assassins. Suddenly, McCoy is in the center of an explosive civil war, where he is the only one with the power to save the woman who once nearly destroyed him. McCoy must now overcome a centuries-long tradition of death, and his own past with the woman he still loves, or else lose her for the second time....