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Salmon Farming: The Whole Story

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Salmon Farming: The Whole Story is the first comprehensive, agenda-free book on the subject of B.C.'s fish-farming industry. To date, there has been little objective information on the topic, and this book fills that void. It includes history, information and context that will equip experts, lay readers and everyone in between with everything they need to know to develop an informed opinion about fish farms in B.C. Because of the polarized nature of the issue, most information has been biased to a particular side. The aquaculture industry and its government supporters say that fish farming makes good economic sense and is not an environmental threat. Critics of the industry want salmon farming stopped; they say it pollutes the ocean waters and is unsustainable, that farmed fish will spread disease to wild fish and escaped fish will displace wild salmon. In this book, Peter Robson explains the biology and the effects of salmon farming, using a balanced approach supported by up-to-date information to shed an objective light on this important and contentious subject.