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Red Rabbit

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Don't Miss the Original Series Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Starring John Krasinski!. Tom Clancy reveals the details of Jack Ryan's first days with the CIA in this #1 New York Times bestseller. It's the early 1980s--and historian, teacher, and recent ex-Marine Jack Ryan is now a CIA officer on loan to the British SIS. On his very first day, an extraordinary document crosses his desk. Because of government repression in Poland, the new Pope, John Paul II, has threatened to resign his papacy. In Moscow, another man is contemplating the very same document. Yuriy Andropov, the chairman of the KGB, does not like what he reads, does not like what it means for him or for his nation. All it takes is one man to cause everything he has worked for to crumble. All it takes is one man to stop him. The Pope is very powerful, but he is also mortal.... Praise for Red Rabbit. "An impressive achievement."--The Washington Post. "Demonstrate[s] what Tom Clancy does best."--Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "An entertaining tale of well-matched wits and high-tech gadgetry."--The Tallahassee Democrat. More Praise for Tom Clancy. "He constantly taps the current world situation for its imminent dangers and spins them into an engrossing tale."--The New York Times Book Review. "A brilliant describer of events."--The Washington Post. "No one can equal his talent for making military electronics and engineering intelligible and exciting...He remains the best!"--Houston Chronicle - From the Publisher