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Raising Your Sexual Self-Esteem

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Despite our seemingly tolerant, nonjudgmental society, sexual concerns are more widespread than ever before. Not only must we address the AIDS epidemic and other sexually transmitted diseases, but unrealistic expectations about body image, performance, and ability plague us as well. Add low self-esteem and it becomes impossible to enjoy the intimacy and exhilaration that come from healthy sexual relations with another human being. Renowned psychotherapist! Beverly Engel understand the powerful, debilitating effects of low self-esteem and provides insight into its causes, from unspoken negative messages about sex we received as children, to traumatic first sexual encounters, to sexual abuse. With both authority and compassion, she helps you gain confidence, enjoyment, and pleasure in your life. Here are stories form! ordinary people from all walks of life, discussing their sexual issues, illuminating the problems that are so universal. here, too, is the solid, positive help they received from Engel, help that has proven successful in her practice time and again.