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One of Us

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What would you do if you could pay someone to take away your memories? What would you choose to forget? What would you try to get away with?. These are the questions Michael Marshall Smith asks in this electrifying new thriller--an eerie mix of disturbing ideas, heart-stopping action, and haunting power from an author who is single-handedly redefining the future of suspense fiction. Hap Thompson had never been that good a criminal. So it's a lucky thing he's discovered something that pays even better than crime. And it's legal. Almost. Hap is a receiver at REMtemp, working during the night hours, having people's dreams for them. Hap is one of the best REMtemp has ever seen. He's so good they offer him some under-the-cover work--taking on memories instead of dreams for clients who have something to forget. And in a world falling apart at the seams, there's no shortage of business. All Hap has to do is carry the memories for a couple of hours. Just long enough for a client to have an affair without guilt. Or pass a lie detector test for a crime she suddenly can't remember. Everyone wins. Until a beautiful young woman who committed murder leaves Hap her memory...and won't take it back. In this world, it's not what you've done that counts--it's what you remember. Now Hap is on the run. The LAPD wants him for homicide. Six angels of death in grey suits and sunglasses are leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake. And there's a contract out on his life that has just been picked up by the best hit man in the business: his ex-wife. And if that's not enough to give him the willies, people all around Hap are disappearing in a strange white light. The paranormal. UFOs. Angels. The Bible. A guy who claims he's God. The key to it all may be buried somewhere deep in Hap's past. Now all he has to do is stay alive long enough to remember the most important thing of all--whether or not he's...One of Us. Editorial Reviews