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Last Testament

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Maggie Costello is a closer,� an expert brought into negotiations when all other options have failed. Now in Jerusalem, she mediates peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, which have broken down after two high-profile deaths. Hawkish Zionist Shimon Guttman was gunned down by bodyguards who believed he was about to assassinate the Israeli prime minister. This will change everything,� Guttman had cryptically warned the prime minister before he was killed. Palestinian Ahmed Nour, a respected archaeologist, has also been killed on suspicion of being a collaborator. When Maggie discovers that the two men were secret colleagues, she is plunged into a mystery rooted in a last, unsolved riddle of the Bible. It all leads back to an ancient clay tablet looted from Baghdad's Museum of Antiquities and a secret that could end a war”or spark a new one.   The Last Testament is a pulse-pounding blockbuster of timeless enigmas and modern technology from Sam Bourne, author of the international bestseller The Righteous Men. Compulsively readable, driven by Bourne's intimate knowledge of the conflict in the Middle East, The Last Testament evokes the tension of high-stakes politics and the excitement of ancient historical mysteries unravelled.