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Into The River

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Against a backdrop of international politics and intrigue, Into The River is an action packed, suspenseful and deeply moving love story set in post French colonial Cambodia. As the country is inextricably pulled into the deadly maelstrom of the Vietnam War, Christina Wyatt, a young American woman listing in an increasingly strange and stultifying marriage, struggles to find her footing in the glittering diplomatic world of Phnom Penh. Dismayed by how the foreign policy of her country impacts the people of Cambodia, she is equally shocked to discover how little she knows about her husband or his secrets. Christina is catapulted from saving her marriage into saving her life as she flees her home through the shadowy back streets of the city to the man she loves. From deserted white beaches on the Gulf of Siam to the Citadel of Women near the ancient holy city of Angkor Wat, from a houseboat on the vast Mekong River to a freighter across the South China Sea, Christina's journey is a modern tale of love and loss, betrayal and forgiveness. It is a powerful testament to a young woman's tenacity and growth, both spiritual and psychological.