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International Relations

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A favorite among both instructors and students, this best-seller was the first introductory international relations book to be written from a post-Cold War perspective. The Fourth Edition continues to set the standard for texts in this market with its new, completely integrated "text and technology" learning system. The text's Companion Website and the Microsoft (R) Encarta (R) Interactive World Atlas CD-ROM-a new offer with this edition-are integrated with the text through Web and Atlas icons in the text's margins. Professors will continue to appreciate the text's accessible coverage of classic and alternative theoretical approaches; its clearly presented and up-to-date data; its inclusion of a fourth level of analysis-the global level; and the strongest coverage of international political economy available in an introductory IR text. Students will appreciate the author's ability to make the rich complexity of international politics accessible and exciting, using clear writing, an abundance of lively, relevant examples, and a highly praised art program.