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International Handbook of Alcohol Dependence and Problems

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This handbook bridges the many disciplines involved in the research, treatment, and prevention of alcoholism and reviews the current knowledge over the whole field of alcohol studies. It also addresses the basic mechanisms of alcohol's effects on human physiology and behaviour. . . A complete source of information and reference for all aspects of alcohol studies and all contributory disciplines . . Written in a style accessible to a wide range of professional readers, academics, and researchers. . Covers clinical pathology, antecedents of drinking, drinking patterns and types of alcohol problem, treatment and recovery, and prevention. . "In summary, this book is a very important addition to the field of alcohol studies that will not only educate those unfamiliar with alcohol research but will also provide researchers in the filed with very useful information." (Journal of Studies on Alcohol, Jan. 2002) . . . "...the breadth and depth of this book make it a mandatory purchase for anyone looking to commission or manage an alcohol service in this country..." (Hospital Medicine, 1 March 2002) . . . "a must have for clinicians, researchers, and students in the addiction field" (The Behaviour Therapist) . . . "...The editors deserve congratulations for producing what will surely be a standard refernce boook for some years to come..." (Addiction Biology, No.7 2002) . . . " of the most comprehensive and exciting works on alcohol use and dependence...both informative and provocative..." (Contemporary Psychology, Vol 46(6), 2003 . . . " outstanding work and it does exactly what the editors say..." (Drug and Alcohol Review, 22 Dec 2003).