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Hoyle's Rules of Games: The Essential Family Guide to Card Games, Board Games, Parlor Games, New Poker Variations, and More

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Learn how to play games, sharpen your strategy, and settle disputes with the revised and updated edition of this essential reference guide--now covering over 250 classic and popular games!. In 1742, Edmond Hoyle published the definitive book on the popular game of his day, whist. Games evolve with time, just as whist gave rise to contract bridge. However, more than 250 years later, Hoyle's is still the definitive name when it comes to the rules of the game--whether it's bridge, backgammon, Scrabble® or Blackjack. The game player's basic reference, this handy guide has now been updated and expanded and includes rules, strategies, and odds for over 250 games, including such favorites as:. ¢ Scrabble®. ¢ Canasta. ¢ Contract Bridge. ¢ Gin Rummy. ¢ Chess. ¢ Backgammon. ¢ Solitaire games: Nestor, Pounce, Pyramid, and Russian Bank. ¢ Poker variations: Anaconda, Blind Tiger, and Hold 'em. ¢ Children's games: Beggar-your-neighbor, Memory, and Slapjack. ¢ Computer games: Minesweeper and Freecell. ¢ ...And more! About the Author. Albert H. Morehead (1909-1966), known as the "modern Hoyle," was the games editor of the New York Times, a lexicographer, and the author of more than 50 books on card games. Some of his works include The Complete Book of Solitaire and Patience Games and the world-famous Contract Bridge Summary. Geoffrey Mott-Smith (1902-1960) was cochairman of the ACBL Laws Commission, editor of the ACBL Bridge Bulletin 1935-36, a contributor to The Bridge World, a writer, and a cryptographer. During World War II, Mott-Smith served as chief instructor for the OSS in the training of cryptographers and cryptanalysts. He wrote or cowrote more than 29 books on games and served as games consultant for the Association of American Playing Card Manufacturers. Philip D. Morehead is the editor of The New American Webster Handy College Dictionary and The New American Rogets College Thesaurus and the author of the New American Crossword Puzzle Dictionary and The New American International Dictionary of Music. He is the son of late lexicographer and games expert Albert H. Morehead, the original co-editor of this book, who was the Bridge Editor of the New York Times for over 25 years and the editor of many books on games.