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Hotel From Hell: The 108 Mile Murders

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Morally conscious aspiring Victorian teacher, Constance Neat, couldn't be more different than her debauched laudanum-loving sister, Violet. Let loose in the fever of the Gold Rush, their sisterly bond is severely tried as they travel the lingering Cariboo Wagon Road to the Barkerville Goldfields. Rough and ready miner Jackson MacDonald and his bookish brother Liam don't see eye to eye while they toil the soil on Lightning Creek's Rocking Horse Claim. When both their siblings vanish from their lives, Constance and Liam find solace in each other's company, as their search leads them back to the 108 Mile Hotel and the very "Devil of the Cariboo". Based on local legend, this work of historical fiction retells the events that led to the capture of the 108 Mile Hotel's proprietors, Agnes and Jim McVee. Along with their son-in-law, Al Riley, this murderous trio was purported to have killed up to 59 miners and gamblers travelling back and forth to the Goldfields. To cover their nefarious crimes, they stashed their victim's gold in outdoor caches, and dumped their bodies in the area's surrounding lakes.