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Gunkholing in the San Juans

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(W)e thought somebody ought to turn out a tome that talked about all of the spots in the San Juans - even the crummy little ones that you wouldn't be found dead on. So, we started at Cattle Pass and did round robins of the major islands and clusters. We took about a million pictures that looked great when we were standing on the bow of the boat, but are just blobs of beach and water in a photograph. But, every once in a while we would come up with one that showed something that a boater might find worthwhile. As we cruised around, we located every little bight and bay and rock that had a name and made an effort to say something about it. We found ourselves describing rocks that even the gulls didn't favor. But we hung in there. As a result, there is more information about more totally blah hunks of water and real estate than your patience will be able to bear. After we wrote it all up, we went over it again and again and again - and we kept finding things we had overlooked. The publisher finally howled, "Never mind if it isn't gospel! Get the darned thing finished! If we print a second edition, we will make corrections.