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Flood Tide

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Rescuing a beautiful undercover agent, Dirk Pitt is unwittingly embroiled in the plot of Qin Shang, a ruthless smuggler who threatens to kill hundreds of innocent people to recover a mysterious cargo of a ship sunk fifty years earlier. Reprint. Review. When a hero whose name never appears in print without a registered trademark symbol beside it sets out on a new adventure, readers should know what to expect: a great deal of derring-do, outlandish adventures, and fantastical scenarios. For Dirk Pitt, reality is an inconsequential construct. What matters is the U.S. National Underwater and Maritime Agency (NUMA) superhero's unflagging energy, wit, strength, sex appeal, and patriotism. In this tale of a Chinese billionaire who plans to divert the mighty Mississippi in order to expand his illegal smuggling ring, find a treasure lost at sea nearly half a century ago, and, incidentally, split the U.S. into three countries controlled by China, Cussler's American version of James Bond struggles to save the day. All his trusty sidekicks are here, including Al Giordino, a regular partner in Pitt's underwater adventures, and Admiral Sandecker, the NUMA commander. This time there's a beautiful Chinese American INS agent as the love interest, and a mendacious American president, too. Flood Tide is a romp that will tickle Pitt and Cussler's many fans, as well as readers new to this author who may find themselves stranded on the tarmac or tanning on Caribbean beaches. --Jane Adams