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Electrical Nutrition

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Electrical Nutrition suggests that the common American diet causes electrical chaos in the digestive tract, which in turn explains the chronic obesity and degeneration apparent in the American population. Drawing on 15 years in animal nutrition and a further 15 years in the natural health field, Denie Hiestand notes the difference between the preventative medicine approach in farming and the "business" of human health care, which could be said to achieve its profitability by maintaining an unhealthy population. The authors suggest that in the last 70 years our health care system has been an experiment called "modern medicine." Our current beliefs of what is, and is not, good food are challenged. In his clinical work, Denie Hiestand has discovered evidence that vegetarianism may contribute to degeneration. It is not necessarily a debate between vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism, but a question of the body's ability to electrically assimilate adequate levels of protein from vegetation. In the chapter "Grain - the Electrical Drain," reference is made to the old farming maxim: Grain for gain (cellulite), protein for production. Grain, it is suggested, is the cause of a large percentage of the obesity and degenerative diseases so prevalent in North America. The authors also suggest that our modern chemical food production system has destroyed the electrical matrix of our food, thus denying the body's ability to recognize what is nourishment and what is toxin. These powerful and controversial assertions are presented in a digestible form for the lay reader. Includes medical references and support from doctors and researchers.