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A mother prepared to go to any lengths to save her child “ and a man who will do whatever it takes to protect her . . . Janna Kerr's desperately ill little girl, Lainey, needs a kidney transplant, and Janna's prepared to do whatever's necessary to get her one. Janna's long-ago lover, Matt Benedict, from the handsome, powerful and wealthy Benedict family, died without ever knowing about the child they'd made together. When Matt's twin brother, Clay, makes an unexpected visit to the isolated fishing cabin where Janna and her daughter Lainey have been staying, a dangerous and deadly web entangles them all. Review. "A strong sense of family, sultry Southern charm, and an underlying sense of menace permeate this atmospheric story" (Library Journal). Blake's Louisiana Gentlemen contemporary romances will win over a new batch of fans with its strong sense of place, emotion-driven plotting, and compellingly crafted characters. (Booklist)