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Build Your Own Modern Doll House with Bowed Window: Plan Book: 2 Floors, 6 Room Modern Doll House

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In days gone by, the dollhouse was a true work of art, something you would be proud to display to friends and family. They were the realms of adults. These days, there are more ˜kit' houses available than ever before. However, the modern miniaturist isn't looking for a kit house. The dollhouse collector and artist wants something more challenging, more inspirational. They want something more like the dollhouses of days gone by. They want a dollhouse that's a work of art. This book series will introduce you to some of the most popular and the most unusual dollhouses of days gone by. These books have been specially designed to look like a plan book from yesteryear. From their creamy papers, to their charming hand drawn illustrations, to their faux woven cover, everything is designed to give you an experience like few other books can.