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Black-and-White Blanche

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Joy can be found in the simplest pleasures! The Weatherspoon household has no color. Queen Victoria wears only black or white, and that is the right and proper thing, according to Mr. Weatherspoon. If it's good enough for the queen, it's good enough for him, his wife, their children, the servants, and even the dog. But young Blanche wants a pink dress more than anything in the world. When no one understands her love of pink, she runs away to the most colorful place she can find - Felicity's flower stand. Blanche and her unwitting accomplice have no idea what an uproar they have created. How will Mr. Weatherspoon react when he finds his daughter decked out in the most shockingly extravagant colors he's ever seen? A lighthearted story set in Victorian London, Black and White Blanche explores how joy can be found in the simplest pleasures and how one small act of kindness has the power to transform. Editorial Reviews