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Beer Belly Blues: What Every Aging Man and the Women in his Life Need to Know

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HERE'S WHAT MOST MEN ACCEPT AS THEY GET OLDER: Fatigue. Loss of lean muscle tissue. Decline in strength. Increased body fat-especially in the belly area. Difficulty sleeping. Prostate enlargement. Hair loss. Low libido. Erectile dysfunction. Moodiness. Depression. Memory problems. Aching joints. Cardiovascular problems. Diabetes. Low passion for Life. NOT A PRETTY PICTURE. The majority of men in North America begin to notice these physical and emotional changes in their mid-30s. Research confirms that this is largely due to a drastic decline in male hormone levels-a phenomenon known as andropause. Not only do men lose approximately 10 percent of their testosterone levels each decade after age 30, by the time they are 60 they typically produce 60 percent less testosterone than they did at age 20. BUT... IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY! In Beer Belly Blues, Nutritional Expert and Best Selling Author Brad King uses humorous anecdotes as well as concise layman's prose to explain the complex underlying cause of age-related changes in men, and shows how, when armed with knowledge and an enlightened strategy, we can safely recapture the energy and even the body of our youth.