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Anne Boleyn : A New Life of England's Tragic Queen

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>A startlingly fresh and readable new biography of Anne, giving a very different view of Henry VIII's much-maligned Queen>No English Queen has made more impact on the history of England than Anne Boleyn - and none have been so persistently vilified. Even after her execution in May 1536 - on trumped-up charges of adultery - she has been pursued beyond the grave, subjected to all manner of accusations.Was she really the scheming temptress portrayed by her enemies, guilty of incest and witchcraft? Was she deformed? Could a woman with the abnormalities described by her detractors have drawn and held the love of the King for more than ten years?Joanna Denny's new biography plunges the reader into the heart of the intrigue, romance and danger of the Tudor court; and paints a picture of the real woman - attractive, highly intelligent, devout - that has been hidden for centuries by the distortions of politics and religion.