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A Trick Of The Light

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Chloe Samms has always believed in psychic powers, but never dreamed she might have abilities of her own-until a tragic car accident changes her life. During her near-death experience, she is met not by comforting, departed loved ones, but by an unfamiliar woman who begs Chloe to find her kidnapped son. Chloe awakens determined to find the little boy from her vision. When she meets his father Dylan, a darkly handsome, enigmatic man still reeling from his son's disappearance, the picture grows more complicated. Dylan refuses to believe Chloe's crazy story, while she remains convinced that she is the only one who can find the boy before it's too late. With their hearts on the line, and the little boy's life at stake, can Chloe convince a hard-hearted man to believe in miracles?